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PT Lavanya Isvara Swastika offer you to able to design your private label to your brand. You can choose your own design, label / brand and packaging.

Our Service

PT Lavanya Isvara Swastika

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Our Service
Custom Design

Customers can choose from our pre-made designs or provide their own designs. We customize lash length, color, curl, and thickness to your requirements.

Our Service
Custom Packaging

Customers can provide their own pre-printed boxes with their UPC codes for shipping. Customers can also choose their desired container size, load, and pallet size. Standard packaging can also be provided.

Our Service
Custom Label

We accept trademarked, customer provided labels. We can also provide assistance in label developmentand design

Our Service

The total estimated cost for your private labeled product can only
be determined based on the products chosen plus packaging,
quantity, labeling requirements, and finishing details.

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Lislashes Product

Our Value \\ Build the best product —

100% High Quality

We provide also services in developing customized false eyelashes according to our customers’ requirements and ideas. We also offer OEM and private-label packaging services which provide the customer the option of getting individually packaged eyelashes, ready for distribution and store display